Ideon Forskningspark : yttre arbetsmiljö i ett industriellt landskap

Detta är en L3-uppsats från SLU/Dept. Of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management

Författare: Olof Selldén; [2007]

Nyckelord: Ideon Forskningsby; arbetsmijö; Lund; struktur;

Sammanfattning: Ideon Science Park was built on the edge of Lund city in mid-80ies. The Science Park was surrounded by open farm land and Lunds Faculty of engineering(LTH). The architecture, the facades of the buildings, were placed to face the faculty. The Science Park has since then grown, and the actual front of the building is no longer faced towards LTH. The people working at Ideon are met by the backside, the meeting with Ideon is primarerly a meeting with fields of parkinglots. The initiative to this thesis was taken by Ikano Fastigheter AB, one of two real estate owners of Ideon Science park. Their aim is to make the area easier to orientate, they want it to be more internally connected and with a stronger identity. The thesis is mainly dealing with two questions conserning Ideon Science center. How can Ideon gain a clearer structure and how can the outdoor surroundings become a part of a good working environment? The relation between the outdoor and indoor climate is being discussed through interviews and litterature. How do we want the outdoors of the working environment to be, and do we need contact at all with it? Can the information be used on the changes of the Science Park? The result that the scetches show is a more developed structure of Ideon. A structure that is connecting the Science Park with its surroundings. Focus of the work is on rythm, orientation, direction and a good working environment.

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