Kommunikation och budskap inom hudvårdsindustrins marknadsföring : En studie om hudvårdsindustrins påverkan på kvinnliga millennials

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Företagsekonomi

Sammanfattning: This work has been carried out by two students at Södertörn University who are studying business administration with a focus on design and marketing. Marketing is largely about communication, where this essay will deal with the communication of advertising to its consumers. The problem is the paradoxical marketing that women have become recipients of in the skin care industry, where the message and communication with unattainable ideals contributes to unhealthy standards among women. This in combination with the fact that messages are constantly being spread that women should be happy with themselves and their appearance. In this essay, the influence of female millennials on skin care advertisements has been investigated, and the authors have highlighted how female millennials believe that the skin care industry can change its marketing strategy and communication. This impact has been investigated on the basis of the theories Social Identity Theory, Social Comparison Theory and a semiotic analytical part. The respondents were strategically selected through a goal-directed selection, because the respondents needed to be female millennials between the ages of 24-34 who have experience of skin care and skin conditions.Through semi-structured interviews based on an interview guide for each theory, the results indicated that the respondents had strong opinions about the skin care industry's marketing, where it turned out that many feel excluded due to their skin condition. This showed that the female respondents wanted greater transparency in the skin care industry's marketing where different proposals were made for greater diversity and inclusion. The result shown in the study was that unattainable ideals displayed in the skin care industry's advertising are not accepted by female millennials. The women wanted to see a change in marketing communication, where they wanted the ideals that are spread to include all types of skin conditions, gender, ethnicity, ages and looks. In addition, there were proposals to create skin care advertisements that focused on the medical condition instead of the cosmetic approach to the skin. 

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