Upplevelsen av teknologi och engagemang i arbetet: En korrelationsstudie utifrån Job Demands-Resources-modellen

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Institutionen för psykologi

Sammanfattning: The technological advancements and digitalization of work has transformed how information is created, processed, stored and communicated. The integration of information technology (IT) has created new working conditions. Employees need to handle expectations of being accessible outside of work, responding to messages and learning new technology. The purpose of this study was to use the Job Demands-Resources Model to examine which IT specific working conditions hinder (IT hindrance demands) or foster (IT support and IT challenge demands) engagement. The study was conducted as an electronic survey with a convenience sample of 123 Scanian municipality employees. The working conditions were measured using the ICT Support Scale and ICT Demands Scale translated into Swedish. Engagement was measured using the Swedish version of Utrecht Work Engagement Scale (UWES-9). The results showed a positive relationship between IT support and engagement but no relationship between IT demands and engagement. One IT challenge demand, learning expectations, and two IT hindrance demands, lack of control over IT and poor communication, were identified. The results indicated that the Job Demands-Resources Model was useful in an IT specific context and is suitable for further research on the relationship between IT and engagement.

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