Från motvind till medvind: Hur införandet av en socioekonomisk konsekvensbeskrivning kan öka den kommunala acceptansen för vindkraft i Sverige.

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Miljövetenskaplig utbildning

Sammanfattning: Due to climate change, the transition to renewable energy systems has become increasingly urgent, and wind power has been identified as a significant facilitator in the transition of Swedens energy system. However, the rapid development of wind power has resulted in increased levels of local resistance, where the socioeconomic consequences on local communities have been highlighted by politicians, municipalities, and other stakeholders. Therefore, the purpose of this study has been to investigate how a socioeconomic impact assessment (SEIA) can be used as a complement to the environmental impact assessment (EIA) in wind power development and evaluate if this policy instrument can influence municipalities acceptance for wind power. The initial method used in this study has been a scoping review of available literature, which was then applied to design questions for semistructured interviews. The results show that environmental aspects are managed well in the planning process for wind power today, but socioeconomic impacts are not. Municipalities are keen to see a more in-depth analysis on socioeconomic aspects and are asking for a harmonized framework on this, like the EIA. In conclusion, (1) the socioeconomic aspects that are important to consider when establishing a SEIA for wind power are local job opportunities and economic incentives, such as rural development grants, and impacts on tourism and infrastructure, and (2) a SEIA is suitable to apply in the consultation phase when planning a wind farm. Furthermore, it should be designed as a complement to the EIA and focus on the aspects that are not addressed therein. Finally (3), by including a SEIA in the planning stages for wind power, municipalities would view the process as more informative and transparent, which would make them view windpower more favourably.

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