Blod, Liv och Ande : Blodets funktion i relationen mellan Gud och människa i Jesu tal om blod i Joh 6

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Umeå universitet/Institutionen för idé- och samhällsstudier

Författare: Charlotta Hildensjö Andersson; [2021]

Nyckelord: Blod; liv; ande; Joh 6;

Sammanfattning: The title of this essay is Blood, Life and Spirit - The Function of Blood in the Relationship Between God and Man in John 6. The purpose is to investigate the function of blood in the relationship between God and man in Jesus' speech in John 6. The thesis is a literature study, and the material is treated from both a hermeneutic and comparative perspective. To answer the main thesis, five questions have been used and these have shown in what way the motive historical development shaped the motif, how blood relates to life and spirit, what connotations for blood are found in John 6 and what blood relates to in New Testament texts. In order to clarify what functions blood has in the relationship between God and man in the Old Testament, the motif study was carried out based on a motive historical method. The motive study forms the basis for the analysis that is done on Jesus' talk of blood in John 6:53-63. The study has also observed a synergy between blood life and spirit which is evident in Jesus' speech. The analyses carried out indicate that the understanding of blood in the OT rests on a fundamental idea of blood as the life of a being, which is explicitly expressed in both Genesis 9:4 and Leviticus 17:11. This perception of blood as a carrier of life also seems to be fundamental to a johanneic understanding of blood. The functions identified in the OT assume that blood has life in it and that it is therefore an effective agent in several different aspects. Blood in the OT has important functions, not least when it comes to different sacrificial rituals. Blood can both purify and impure, protect, sanctify, mark an identity, strengthen covenant unity, and demonstrate the reciprocity of the covenant. The functions of the blood in the OT also include a significant importance; It is used to seal the covenant between God and men. The analyses carried out to clarify the function of blood in the relationship between God and man in Jesus' speech in John 6 show that the function of blood can also be considered here to seal the covenant that Jesus makes with those who eat His flesh and drink His blood.

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