Första linjechefers förutsättningar för att utöva ett hållbart och hälsofrämjande ledarskap

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för folkhälso- och vårdvetenskap


Background: First Line Managers are expected to create a health promoting work environment. Research has shown that the prerequisites for accomplishing a health promoting leadership are not always the best. Aim: The aim was to elucidate the prerequisites for a health promoting leadership as First Line Manager at a University hospital in Sweden based on competence, role, support structures and own durability. Results: First Line Managers at the chosen hospital seems to have rather good conditions for conducting a health promoting leadership. All respondents did have a university degree and most thought that their competence corresponded well with the role. Only two percent of the working time was spent on updating of skills, but all respondents (n=95) felt they developed in the role. The majority felt the role definition was good. Three out of four participants in the study spent less than two hours per week with their manager and half of them under one hour per week. Yet, most participants were satisfied with the managerial support and also with other support structures. The respondents health is good even though many regularly experiences some stress, fatigue or sleeping problem. Method: The study design was descriptive quantitative crossectional. The selection/sample was active first line managers at a University hospital in Sweden. The study was made with a web-based questionnaire. Some questions was taken from the Quality-Work-Competence-method and one from the Karolinska Sleep Questionnaire. Statistical evaluation was made with the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences. Data was analyzed with descriptive statistics, Chi-square test and Spearmans rank correlation test. Conclusion: First Line Managers are quite content with their working situation and have good conditions for conducting a health promoting leadership at the investigated University hospital. There are however developing potential for the First Line Managers durability and possibilities for performing a health promoting leadership, through developing competencies, managerial support and support structures.

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