Analys av Implementeringsmetoder för Lean Administration : En studie om slöserier och utmaningar

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Mälardalens högskola/Innovation och produktrealisering

Sammanfattning: This thesis is the final result of an investigation aimed at studying how Lean administration best can be implemented in an existing service company to standardize the processes they already have, as a result of a quality assurance and effectivization of the daily labor. The study took place in the autumn of 2018 at the case-company Deva Mecaneyes in Västerås where a value-stream-mapping has been mapped and analyzed. In collaboration with the company, and together with the value-stream-mapping, improvement proposals were developed for the case-company´s processes regarding what they call “repeat-orders”. Three questions have defined and formed the study, of which the first question (1) has been the main question of the thesis and the remaining two questions (2-3) are considered minor supplementary questions:

    Which Lean administration application methods exists and which would work best for a service company? Based on a value-stream-mapping, what wastes in the form of non-value-added activities and problem areas can be identified with the aim of enhancing a company´s efficiency and simplifying their internal processes? What are the challenges of implementing Lean administration at a service company? To find out how a service company can implement Lean in an office environment, this study has been conducted using a literature study to attain five different methods for introducing Lean into the administrative support processes. A comparison of the five methods resulted in the study presenting a combination of three of these methods. With the help of the created value-stream-mapping at the case-company, improvement proposals have been developed to help them eliminate non-value-added activities and waste in the form of unnecessary moves and waiting, which means that they can dedicate more time to value-added activities or other work. For continued work, it is recommended that the case-company assign one or more employees responsible for implementing Lean; as the biggest problem in the case-company has been that many projects are started but never finished because no-one is responsible for the projects. Furthermore, they should also study other processes within the company at other departments. Continued recommendation for further studies on the subject of Lean and Lean Administration is to study the value-added activities instead of simply focusing on the activities that do not create any value. It would be interesting to investigate how many and which processes are value-adding and if they could be used and imitated in other processes and activities within a company.

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