Längtar du också till Fairadise : En studie om att ta emot och tolka en social marketing kampanj om hållbar turism

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Stockholms universitet/Institutionen för mediestudier


The basis for this study is the question of what happens at the point of impact between receiver and message in the case of a social marketing campaign on Facebook promoting sustainable travel. Hence the aim of this study is to analyse the reception of the social marketing campaign Fairadise in a sample of 19 individuals.


The design of the study is therefore reception analysis with the help of four focus groups and thematic analysis to later identify patterns and themes in the gathered material. The theoretical approaches were collected from the field of media and communication and focused on public communication campaigns, public understanding of public communication campaigns as well as decoding of messages.


The questions posed were; how is the Facebook campaign Fairadise received by the focus group participants? How do the participants read (decode) the campaign; dominant, negotiated or oppositional? And what assessments do the participants have regarding the visual versus textual information in the campaign?


Previous research has shown that visual and emotional attributes are of great importance when it comes to interpreting messages about sustainable tourism and that rational information attributes are of less importance. The findings in this study agree with this previous research except when it comes to rational information. Three of the focus groups actually desire rational information attributes in order to make a worthy interpretation. Further findings show that interpretation and decoding is influenced by the social context of a group discussion, making the reading more negotiated and even on the verge of oppositional, the more information the participants gather and the more they discuss the campaign with each other. The study at hand shows the importance of campaign tailoring to the individual’s needs, desires and wants in order to be decoded as desired.

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