Rum för anpassning : En undersökning av skolbiblioteksrummet på en F-9 grundskola

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från

Sammanfattning: This bachelor thesis examines the access and pedagogic roles of the school library room at a primary school with students in preschool class up to ninth grade. As of 2017 the school library has new premises with the goal of making the school library more available for all students at the school. The purpose of the study was to gain knowledge about primary school students access to the library room, its role and how the room is used for pupils learning by teachers. The method used was semi-structured interviews with the librarian and two teachers from each of the three primary school stages. In the study I adapted Elisabeth Tallaksen Rafste's theory of school libraries as social systems and structures. I related to the influence of teachers and libraries on how they affect the role of the library room through their view of the library. The study shows that the library room is kept in high regard by the teacher, as well as being more available to the pupils than before. Due to circumstances at the school, only the older student had individual access to the library while the younger had to be accompanied by a teacher. None of the teachers use the room for pedagogic activities, though some see pedagogic roles in the room, such as student learning through social interactions. The room has both a learning and leisure role. An unexpected result was the teachers appreciation for and close bond to the librarian.

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