Kulturarv- vad vinner och vad försvinner? : En studie på om synen på arkeologiska fornfynd har förändrats under 1900-talet fram tills idag

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Umeå universitet/Institutionen för idé- och samhällsstudier

Sammanfattning: This paper will discuss whether you can detect a possible alteration in views of archaeological artefacts during the 1900’s until 2014 by local history societies and what their views are today. It will also discuss other aspects that can have contributed to potential changed views on the artefacts. The other aspects that will be investigated are heritage conservation, politics, museums/policies and disposal of archaeological artefacts. This paper will also discuss the Swedish definition of the concept “archaeological artefacts”, and if newspapers have contributed to a different view of archaeological artefacts. The conclusions of this paper are that local history societies have different views of archaeological artefacts, but not all of them have a changed view and some of them have similar views to other history societies. One more thing detected might be a drift between the public and the archaeologists which may have been affected by politics? These aspects have contributed to a different view but in different ways and not always at the same time. Newspaper have been a contributor to changed views because they spread information that is not always correct or fair and therefore misguide the general population – for example the definition of an archaeological artefact. Disposal of archaeological artefacts does not happen as often in Swedish museums as newspaper articles make it seem and the local history societies do not approve of disposal but concede that if it must happen, albeit with good documentation. A final conclusion is that things change when time passes, and so do views and opinions, but not always as much as one may think.

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