"Ett förskräckligt missbruk av yttrandefriheten" : en uppsats om underförståddhet i svensk nyhetsrapportering om Lexbase

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Institutionen för kultur och lärande


In January of 2014 a newly founded company held a press conference in central Stockholm. The purpose of the conference was to inform about Lexbase, the largest database on the Internet with legal information about the Swedish general public. The aim of this particular paper is to use news reports about Lexbase as material to identify the theses and their types presented in Swedish newspapers, and to examine the ideology constructed and presented by the theses in the said news reports. The questions asked in the paper are 1. What the distribution of different theses looks like and is there a type of thesis that more often invokes an implicit argumentation? 2. Which ideologies are evoked, reinforced or reproduced by the news reports? The results of the thesis show that the distribution of theses was not even, and that implicit theses with values linked to them were most common. The results also show that the implicit values and that the ideologies that could be identified had to do with moral righteousness and with freedom of speech. Therefore it can be said that the news reports about Lexbase had in general a specific type of thesis which were imbedded with mostly negative values, which were projected through ideologies about morals and the controversy of freedom of speech.

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