Terrass III i Birkas Garnison : En funktionsanalys baserad på fyndkvantifiering och fyndpreparering.

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Stockholms universitet/Institutionen för arkeologi och antikens kultur



Terrace III in the Birka Garrison. An analysis of function based on artifact quantification and find preparation. This paper deals with Terrace III in the Garrison of Birka, Uppland, Sweden. The main purpose is to investigate the function of Terrace III. The analysis consists of two parts. One is to analyse the stratigraphy including layers, constructions and finds. Beads and coins are selected for a discussion of dating. The other part consists of a comparison between the find material from the Hall building, the Smithy and Terrace III. Beads are discussed separately. The results are not definite due to the fact that the terrace is not completely excavated. The finds indicate that Terrace III could have been used as storage house or a dwelling house. The pottery could be taken as evidence for a storage house (and possibly the amount of rivets and nails). The presence of personal finds show that the house might have been used as a dwelling house. A few finds indicate some kind of workshop activity. The finds from Terrace III can be dated to the end of the 10th Century.

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