Anestesisjuksköterskans roll inom global hälsa

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Sammanfattning: Background: The lack of surgical and anesthetic care in the world is great, but in many countries, where surgery however is performed, the nurse anesthetist is the occupational group that performs the majority of anesthesia. Increased participation of nurse anesthetists in non-governmental organizations is considered to lead to a positive impact on global health but there is a lack of knowledge about how the nurse anesthetists experience their role within global health. Aim: The aim of this study was to investigate how nurse anesthetists, working for non-governmental organizations in low-and middle-income countries, experience their role within global health. Method: A qualitative descriptive interview study. Data were collected from individual semi-structured interviews and analyzed with qualitative content analysis. Results: The results were presented in three categories and nine subcategories. The first category To Use Your Skills with the subcategories: Tasks, Teamwork and Medical Technology. The second category To Meet Other Cultures with the subcategories: Nursing, Cultural Adaptation and Nurse Anesthetists Internationally. The third category To Volunteer Contributes to Change with the subcategories: Personal and Professional Development, Local Impact and Global Impact. Conclusion: The results show that the study participants have experienced that their role within non-governmental organizations has been broad, varied in level of responsibility and in tasks, that it has involved cultural meetings at different levels, led to insights of similarities and differences between nurse anesthetists globally and affected human health locally. In order to have an impact on global health more nurse anesthetists in non-governmental organizations are considered necessary. The study has contributed to new knowledge in the field and laid a foundation for future research.

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