Control your home with augmented reality

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Ergonomi och aerosolteknologi

Sammanfattning: As connected devices, or Internet of Things (IoT), are becoming increasingly more common in our homes we need a way to control them remotely. Remote control can be achieved with native applications created by the providers of these IoT devices which can result in you needing several applications to control your IoT devices. Furthermore, issues can arise when naming your IoT devices, e.g. if they are located close to each other it might be hard to separate them by name. Can a relatively new technology such as augmented reality (AR) be used to solve these problems? With AR you can add virtual objects to a real-world environment. By integrating virtual objects with the real-world environment it is easy to understand the context of where the virtual objects are located. AR technology is developing at a high speed and with recent advances in Apple’s ARKit, it is getting more accessible by moving into our phones. This thesis aims to explore how useful it would be to use AR on a mobile phone as a user interface for controlling IoT devices. A prototype where you can control connected light bulbs, a connected speaker, and a motion detector alarm was developed and evaluated in a user study with 20 test participants. The results show potential using AR to control your IoT devices but also indicate that the technology might not be mature in its current state.

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