Cyborgbibliotekarien : Donna Haraways cyborgteori ur ett biblioteks- och informationsvetenskapligt perspektiv

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för ABM

Sammanfattning: This paper is exploring Donna Haraways cyborg theory, in a perspective of Library- and Information Science. The investigation aims to better understand the occupation of librarians, and their position within knowledge creation through a digital and cyber technologically evolving society. The cyborg figuration, is making it possible to look at the librarian’s occupation in a postmodern-, posthuman-, and cyberfeminist perspective. The cyborg figure is a posthuman figure, a fusion between human and technology. Because of its interdisciplinary composition, the cyborg is cross-bordering and diversified in its nature. In a combination with Library- and Information Science the cyborg theory can produce new perspectives on our knowledge production.       The empirical investigation is made within the context of academic library research support, and Open Science. Throughout this development it becomes clear that the librarian is working in a coexistence between human and technology. This paper then demonstrates, that there is an analogy between the librarian and the cyborg figure, and especially in the context of the academic library. In this analogy, the cyborg librarian is constituted as a central phenomenon in a line of several developmental events – concerning the accessibility and dissemination of scientific knowledge creation, through the digital environment.       The cyborg librarian is then able to use the cyborg theory in this context, to cross over borders and create new perspectives. It can also create pedagogic tools for information instructions, that contribute to a deeper and more complex insight in knowledge production, as reality production. By evolving a critical, multimodal and reflective information literacy, and thereby also supporting the library institution in adopting to a postmodern society. Haraways cyborg feminism is also applying a perspective of social justice into the context of literacy instructions, whilst working in the same spirit as the democratic mission of the library institution.  

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