Rätt tid, rätt incitament eller rätt förespråkare? En analys av beslutet att använda offentlig-privat samverkansavtal som upphandlingsform för uppförandet av Nya Karolinska Solna

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen

Sammanfattning: In 2008 Stockholm County Council decided to finance the construction of a new university hospital in Solna, Stockholm utilising public-private partnership (PPP). This decision received heavy criticism, partly due to the cost amounting to 61 billion SEK. The aim of this paper is to investigate, utilising Kingdon’s Multiple Stream Framework (MSF), why Stockholm County Council decided to finance the new hospital using PPP. In addition, the paper has theory testing ambitions aiming to examine the feasibility of MSF in explaining the decision to use PPP. The study utilises a case study analysis where the operational indicators are based on MSF’s streams. The empirical results indicate that a number of aspects influenced the decision including; (i) a change of administration following the 2006 general county election, (ii) an understanding that traditional financialisation methods would imply too much risk for the county in terms of cost and reaching the deadline, and (iii) neoliberal ideas and an acceptance of policy decisions reflecting an ambition to increase cooperation between the public and private sector within the health care industry. Following the empirical results, it is evident that MSF offers feasible explanations as to why the decision was made. However, MSF’s falsifiability can be questioned.

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