Webbdesignens roll för tillit inom e-handel : Hur olika designaspekter påverkar konsumenters tillit på e-handelswebbplatser

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från

Sammanfattning: E-commerce is a phenomenon that constantly evolves and expands which demands high standards towards web design to enhance the functionality and usability of websites. For this bachelor thesis, semi-structured interviews were applied to collect data on how several web design aspects impact e-commerce users’ trust towards e-commerce websites. The use of a qualitative method was conducted due to its efficiency in the collection of detailed information regarding e-commerce consumers’ opinions and thoughts about web design and its impact on their trust. Eight participants of varying ages were interviewed, which in a distinct way manifest that design aspects in many ways are crucial for the influence of users’ trust on e-commerce websites. This bachelor thesis indicates that web design impacts consumers trust, and that certain aspects of a website’s design are more powerful to either enhance or lower trust. The use of functional navigation design can be argued to be one of the more powerful design aspects for the enhancement of trust towards website’s. Navigation design constitutes a large part of a websites pragmatic qualities which has been found to be essential for the trustworthiness of websites.

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