När varumärken möter hållbar marknadsföring. : En kvalitativ analys om hur företag integrerar hållbarhet i sittvarumärke.

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Karlstads universitet; Karlstads universitet

Sammanfattning: Every day customers and companies become more conscious about the choices they makethat affect the society and environment that they live in. It is now more important than ever tocommunicate right, rethink and redo the way we communicate in order to evolvesustainability. In this study we have researched how prominent and established corporations(who’s brand identity have incorporated sustainability and Agenda 2030) communicatesustainability. Furthermore we have analyzed how they successfully have contributed toenhance sustainability in the world today and what part design plays in doing so.Through a semiotic rhetorical qualitative text-analysis based on the theories of brand equityand identity, green washing, sustainable marketing and design we have been able to analyzethree video-campaigns made by the corporates in question. Using the data we have gatheredwe have been able to identify several themes within sustainable marketing; companies needto be transparent in their marketing; use rhetorical tools and figures of speech in order to beviewed as a superior source of sustainability within their field; make sure to be creative andoriginal in their communication and finally companies need to inspire the customer to makemore sustainable choices instead of telling them to.From the results of our analysis we have been able to create a “cheat sheet” for designers instartups that want to integrate sustainability into their market communication and don’t knowhow to go about it. 

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