Yrkesrollen alla har åsikter om och tror sig kunna göra bättre själva : En kvantitativ studie om social och arbetsrelaterad self-efficacy hos barnhandläggare inom svensk socialtjänst.

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Mälardalens universitet/Akademin för hälsa, vård och välfärd

Sammanfattning: The working environment in social services has long been talked about. Recently, the working environment of child case workers has been in particular focus on the basis that it is difficult to retain and recruit new staff for this profession. Previous research shows that the work environment affects the child case worker's well-being and job satisfaction. Previous research also shows that the work environment can affect confidence in one's own ability to handle different parts of the professional role. This study aims to investigate whether there is any relationship between psychosocial work environment, work-related self-efficacy and social self-efficacy. The study has been conducted through a quantitative research method using a web-based survey. The survey was emailed to 144 municipalities, out of which 28 municipalities and 116 child case workers chose to participate in the study. In the survey, several scales have been used to measure work-related self-efficacy, social self-efficacy and the psychosocial work environment. The study has 116 participants, of which women made up a majority of the sample (n=108). The result shows that the degree of social self-efficacy has a connection with the psychosocial work environment. Degree of work-related self-efficacy has a positive relationship with work experience. One of the conclusions drawn from the study is that years in the profession have a correlation with the degree of work-related self-efficacy. This means that the more years child case workers have in their professional role, the higher the degree of work-related self-efficacy they estimate. Keywords: Self-efficacy, social worker, work environment, child welfare and social worker within child welfare.

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