Vad talas det om och vad talas det inte om? : En kvalitativ studie som undersöker framställningar av kön och sexuell läggning i biologiläromedel för årskurs 4-6

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på avancerad nivå från Södertörns högskola/Lärarutbildningen

Sammanfattning: An inspection carried out by the Swedish Schools Inspectorate shows that sex and cohabitation education in Swedish schools lack when it comes to content regarding norms and LGBTQ. Statistics from the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society also show that young LGBTQ people suffer to a greater extent from mental illness in comparison with other young people. Since educational materials have a predominant role in teaching, this study aims to investigate the way in which gender and sexual orientation are presented in three digital biology educational materials for grades 4-6. Furthermore, the study aims to analyze which types of presentations are given the most space and thus can be considered to represent norms in the educational materials. This study intends to answer the following questions: In what way is gender and sexual orientation presented in three biology teaching materials for grades 4-6? Which presentations are given the most space and can therefore be considered normative? From an overall queer theoretical perspective but also with help from a number of definitions, an educational material analysis combined with a discourse analysis has been performed on three biology teaching materials for pupils in year 4-6. In the analysis, a number of discourse questions were used as support to be able to select examples from the text which were then categorized into different analysis categories. The results of the study show that gender was most often linked to bodily aspects such as genitals and hormones. The sexes were also mostly divided into the categories woman and man. The three sexual orientations that are included in the Swedish discrimination law were explicitly presented. With the help of the discourse analysis, however, it could be stated that a heteronormative approach permeates the educational materials, mainly in the parts that deal with conception and intercourse. Altogether, man and woman could be interpreted as the normative gender and heterosexuality to be the normative sexuality 

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