Initiation of RCM on C20 trains at TBT Stockholm AB

Detta är en Master-uppsats från KTH/Industriell produktion

Sammanfattning: This thesis is an effort to implement Reliability Centered Maintenance “RCM” for C20trains at Tunnelbanan Teknik Stockholm AB. In depth study is performed along withmaintenance team of TBT at center of excellence, a facility for maintenance workshop. RCM is a philosophy or framework to ensure efficient working of assets according todefined and required operating context. In general, the successful implementation ofRCM can achieve improvements through lesser maintenance, operating techniquechanges, and generating inclusive maintenance plan. RCM is also one of the best toolsavailable to identify and prevent equipment failures. Therefore TBT has decided tointroduce RCM to ensure effective services with great confidence and precision. The selection of critical system of C20 train was obligatory to initiate implementation ofRCM, and the door system was considered a very complicated system with maximumfailures that results in traffic disturbances and stoppages. Through literature study,depots & workshop visits, brainstorming engineers & train drivers etc, the requiredtasks to be performed were lay down. A template that illustrates details such as FMECA,risk analysis, current maintenance strategy and the recommended actions wasprepared and new maintenance regime along with the changes in work instructionswere proposed. The cost effectiveness as well as safety assessment was carried out.Moreover, the efficacy of RCM analysis is directly proportional to quality and accuracyof available failure data, and the proposed time scale for thesis was underestimated andthe reason behind was the convolution of CMMS as well as poor quality of failure data. The study results are officially approved by all stakeholders, i.e. SL, MTR Stockholm,MTR HK and TBT. This work can guide the officials to take imperative decisions foroptimization of maintenance practices, also the study for C20 door system can be theroadmap for comprehensive implementation of RCM at TBT Stockholm AB.

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