Våld i nära relationer, en jämställdshetsproblematik ur en normativ synvinkel : En antropologisk studie med fokus på mannen som den utsatte

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för kulturantropologi och etnologi

Författare: Gianella Broccolo; [2019]

Nyckelord: IPV; minoritetsgrupp; stigma; skyddsnät; genusroll;

Sammanfattning: Abstract The main topic of this study is IPV (Intimate Partner Violence) with a focus on the men that are exposed. The empirical data was examined from a stigma and a gender perspective. The purpose of my thesis was to investigate how different beliefs and social norms about male and female affect how men exclude themselves and are excluded, for example, from social safety nets. I started my study with inspiration from internet-based material about a woman and a man's experience with IPV. I fetched empirical data by attending a seminar on Youth IPV and in semi-structured interviews of two professionals, one who works with male victims of IPV and one who works with violence victims in generally. I also interviewed four men who has been exposed to IPV. Through my informants' stories I was able to investigate whether there were social circumstances that could affect IPV, which came about through varying concrete examples. Also how IPV distinguishes itself when the man is the vulnerable instead of the woman because most of the information and material available in Sweden is about the woman's over-represented vulnerability. With the help of previous research and literature that I used in my study, I came to the conclusion that the most effective method of analyzing IPV among men is through the personal meeting in an interview because the subject is otherwise taboo. My study showed that IPV differs where the practitioner is male or female because women use more mental violence while men use most physical violence and since the mental violence is easier to hide, the subject remains unlit partly because of the men's own silence and partly because the environment is not equipped to emphasize this kind of problem.

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