Uppkomst av trycksår i det postoperativa förloppet : En kvantitativ litteraturstudie

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Sjuksköterskeutbildningar; Uppsala universitet/Sjuksköterskeutbildningar

Sammanfattning: ABSTRACT Background: Pressure ulcer is caused by pressure on the same skin area for a certain period of time, which causes a reduced blood circulation in the affected area and causes the tissue to die. Pressure ulcer is a major strain on healthcare, society and a big suffering for the patient. It contributes with high costs, extended care and pain. Aim: The aim was to describe the relationship between postoperative care and the appearance of pressure ulcer. Method: A literature study with 10 quantitative studies was used. Results: The intensive care department has an influence on the onset of pressure ulcers, and most of the pressure ulcers occur postoperatively in patients. The operating time is of no significance, but prolonged surgery may be a risk factor for pressure ulcer postoperatively. The majority of patients developing pressure ulcers in the postoperative process have underlying diseases such as diabetes, heart failure and renal failure. Other risk factors are patients who are older, underweight and have low Bradenpoints. Preventive measures such as air-changing mattresses are of great importance to counteract the onset of pressure ulcers, as well as saving large sums of money. Conclusion: Pressure ulcers are a contributing factor to patients having extended periods of suffering, which at the same time contribute to major costs for society and hospitals. In the postoperative stage, patients are more vulnerable due to reduced mobility and underlying diseases. Preventive measures such as mattresses help reduce the appearance of pressure ulcers and save big sums of money in the end.

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