A Design Science Research Approach to Prove Meme Ownership: a Designed Artefact Utilising NFTs and Affordances

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Informationssystem

Sammanfattning: A rising problem exists regarding the ownership of memes. This research proposes a solution consisting of an IT artefact that solves this problem by utilising design science research in combination with affordance theory and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This artefact is designed by identifying the problem areas and creating affordances that guide the design process, using the design science research methodology by Peffers et al. (2007). The artefact is evaluated and considered a potential solution to the problem with meme ownership. The affordances are connected to the designed features and offer contributions in the form of a novel artefact and documented design processes. By using affordance theory as a lens to help the design, further research can build upon this idea and expand research by combining design science with affordances. The practical implementation of NFTs gives insights into how NFTs can be applied in the case of tokenising digital goods and allows people without knowledge of blockchains to participate. 

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