Brandteknisk riskvärdering av Halmstadtravet

Detta är en L3-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Avdelningen för Brandteknik

Sammanfattning: The report is an examination element of the course Brandteknisk riskvärdering. The purpose of the report is to evaluate human safety of visitors in case of fire at the racetrack Halmstadtravet and suggest possible solutions if the human safety is deemed insufficient. The purpose is also to train the students in their engineering capability. The method is to choose several fire scenarios that challenge the existing fire protection features of the building. The fire scenarios are ranked by likelihood and consequence. The most severe scenarios are simulated in FDS where the time to critical conditions is obtained. The results are compared to evacuation simulations executed in SIMULEX. If safe evacuation is not achieved within the allowed timeframe, an assessment will be carried out to suggest improvements. To examine how robust the solutions are, sensitivity analyses are carried out. The assessed building includes a restaurant, kitchen, bleachers and cafés. The existing fire protection features of the building are presented and a comparison is made with Swedish regulations, BBR 20. The results of the report shows that safe evacuation is not achieved within the allowed timeframe. Therefore the following suggestions are presented to improve the fire protection features of the building and assure safe evacuation. Necessary measures • A 2,0 meter wide door leading straight to the outside, shall be installed in the north-west corner of the bleachers. Outside a fire escape with at least the same width as the door shall be installed. • A 2,0 meter wide door, shall be installed leading from the lower part of the bleachers to the restaurant. This requires removal of the tables between the new door and the stairs to the ground floor. The door shall open outwards in the evacuation direction. The door could also be placed so it leads straight to the outside in the north-east corner of the bleachers. This also requires a fire escape. • A fire escape shall be installed from the balcony of the VIP- and horse owners lounge. Secondary measures • Smoke ventilation should be installed where the bleachers are located by enabling automatic opening of every second window in the upper part of the glass wall upon smoke detector activation. • A door with fire classification EI 30 that closes automatically in case of fire should be installed between the kitchen and the restaurant. • The door below the stairs to the ground floor from the restaurant should be replaced by a door that is easier to open in an emergency, preferably with a crash bar. • Employee education, primarily for those working in the restaurant, in how to behave in a fire situation.

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