Vårdkvalitet ur patientens perspektiv - för en förbättrad patientdelaktighet

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Sammanfattning: Introduction Today the health care system is more than ever, applied to ask what the patients wants. Thisis a new approach of how to deliver care. It is more than the outcome of care that matters. Therefore it isimportant that quality of care is seen from different perspectives, the patients as well as the healthorganization. For that reason we need to address the question: are we doing the right thing, and is it donethe right way.The aim of the study is to identify potential areas in need of improvement with significance for quality ofcare and development of person-centered care by examine how patients in a medical ward appraises theirpossibilities of participation based on the care environments physical prerequisites, socio-culturalatmosphere and the competence and attitudes of the healthcare professionals.Method The study was executed as a prospective cross-sectional study using questionnaires. Thequestionnaire used in the study was QPP (Quality from Patients Perspective). Ninety-eight patients wereincluded in the study through a consecutive sample during two month, in the autumn of 2014.The Result of the study shows that the prerequisites to be seen for Person-Centered Care and increasedparticipation are commitment and respect for patients and understanding for their situation. The patientsassessed following areas to be deficient; lack of opportunities for conversations on one-to-one bases withnurses as well as physicians, opportunities of consultation in decision-making and education/information.Conclusion To increase the quality of care and enhance participation and a person-centered care approach,it is of utmost importance that the structural prerequisites exits, that space is given for conversations onone-to-one basis.

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