Interaktivt Innehåll och Konvergenskultur : En diskursiv fallstudie av Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Högskolan Väst/Avd för medier och design

Sammanfattning: As illustrated by the Netflix special Bandersnatch as a cultural phenomenon, the purpose of this study was to analyze how "new" storytelling forms exist in today's convergence culture. This was done by a discursive case study about TV-critics' reception of Bandersnatch, along with smaller comparative discourses covering both relatively traditional film and TV organizations within the media industry, as well as an online forum. Therefore, it was demonstrated how the convergence culture expanded the expression of interactive content. Themes inspired by the reviews included the categorization of Bandersnatch as a media product. The technological aspects of interactive elements were furthermore used in the analysis of the result. Moreover, this was discussed in relation to theories of design and convergence culture. Finally, the results of the study indicated that Netflix's Bandersnatch was compared to both analogue and digital media products. The film's technological aspects were considered to detract from the storytelling experience of a movie, but rather it generated the type of entertainment found in a video game. An insecurity of the future of film as an artform and a dilution of traditional ownership roles also emerged, as the viewer's control continued to be discussed, not only in relation to Bandersnatch, but also to the overall interactive and participatory digital media landscape.

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