Attitudes in mergers

Detta är en D-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Graduate Business School

Sammanfattning: Our aim with this study is to identify problem and try to understand the factors that influences the integration process in a merger between two firms. We have chosen to look into some areas where the integration process is vulnerable, thus becoming our research questions. What attitudes can be found concerning the new policy at AstraZenca, Mölndal, and what are the consequences concerning attitudes toward new standardised policies, finally, how will these consequences affect the integration process of standardised policies. When gathering empirical data to get an overview of the information that we were seeking, we used a survey, in order to get a large foundation of data to interpret. With the collected data we constructed graph and diagrams to easier illustrated different relationships between theories and empirical finding. When studying these areas we encountered several problems that might have a negative effect on the integration process of the two organisations. To get an indication of the attitude surrounding the integration process we used several variables connected with the overall attitude towards the merger. Furthermore, we used some variables to get an insight of the attitude towards the standardised policies. The outcome of the study indicates that synergies can be lost, if the transfer capabilities are affected negatively due to that the general atmosphere in the merging organisations.

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