Anledningar till varför användare väljer att inte använda Business Intelligence system En kvalitativ fallstudie om användning av Business Intelligence system

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Institutionen för tillämpad informationsteknologi

Sammanfattning: Business Intelligence (BI) is seen as a necessity for survival in the dynamic and competitive market. In order for a company to benefit from a BI-system, users need to interact with it and not bypass it by using other systems.The purpose of this study is to provide knowledge about why users choose not to use BI-systems. Although companies are aware that BI-system creates great benefits, and their knowledge of the field is broad, sometimes employees choose to bypass the BI-system. Thus, we have had the goal of investigating and answering the following question: ”Why do users choose not to use Business Intelligence systems?”.Through a case study on five qualitative semistructured interviews, we achieved a result. The result was analyzed using a theoretical framework consisting of Critical Success Factors (CSF) for the implementation of a BÍ-system. The CSF may be considered necessary to achieve a successful BI-implementation that leads to successful use of the system. The result shows that users think the system is easy to use but choose not to use the BI-system if there are not enough good technical conditions or if there has been a failed learning process for using the BI-system in relation to the user's context.

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