Marknadsföringens roll i sociala medier och dess effekt på kvinnliga millennials köp av hudvårdsprodukter

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Högskolan i Gävle/Företagsekonomi

Sammanfattning: Aim: In connection with digitalization, companies have increased their use of social media marketing and influencer marketing. Thanks to this, the skincare industry has had a magnificent effect on its sales, where millennial women are a strong target group for its digital marketing. These marketing channels contribute to direct interaction on social media and research has shown that there are seven different behaviors on social media: co-creation, positive contribution, consumption, dormancy, detachment, negative contribution, and co-destruction. The purpose of the study is to understand whether there is a connection between millennial women's behavior on social media in relation to the marketing of skincare and their frequency of purchase of skincare products. The research question that is answered is which behaviors on social media towards marketing of the skincare industry have an effect on millennial women in Sweden's purchase frequency of skincare products. Method: The study is based on a quantitative method with a deductive approach. Hypothesis development and a survey were conducted with a total of 200 respondents who are millennial women living in Sweden. The data were analyzed through multiple regression analysis and is reported through a hypothesis test. Result and Conclusions: The study shows that there is a connection between millennial women's buying frequency and its behavior on social media towards the marketing of skincare products that are co-creative, positive contribution, consumption, detachment, and co-destruction. However, there is a lack of this connection when it comes to the behaviors of dormancy and negative contribution. Contribution of the thesis: The contribution of the study is theoretical knowledge for the skincare industry regarding the effect on the purchase frequency of skincare products that millennial women have, based on their behaviors on social media towards its marketing. The study also contributes with practical knowledge that there are reasons for marketers to pay attention to this in order to achieve increased sales. Suggestions for future research: Further research into the subject could be to apply these behaviors to other industries and populations than those to which this study relates. This is because these behaviors that have been investigated are not limited to a specific industry or population. Another suggestion is to study the effects on specific brands and influencers, as all of them are different and consumers can thus perceive these in different ways. 

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