Fina flickor snusar? En etnografisk studie om klassmärkt kvinnlig maskulinitet och feministisk identitet.

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Genusvetenskapliga institutionen

Sammanfattning: Nice girls use snuff? (Fina flickor snusar?) is an inductive study about how young feminists in the academy are negotiating and constructing their identity through the use of snuff. The thematic content analysis proceeds from nine semi-structured life world interviews. This study is based on a poststructuralist understanding of meaning as constructed in the language, as theorized by Scott, Derrida, Lykke and Butler. Based on Wattanasuwans theories of consumption, the analysis explore snuff as a commercial product that constitutes personal identity. The authors take notice of a wide range of stereotypes as formulated by the interviewed participants in relation to using snuff, most of which are associated with different kinds of subordinated and marginalized masculinities. Snuff fulfills a function as a silent communication medium, through which participants can create distance or proximity and belonging to other people. Snuffing is a gendered practice which creates conditions for the participants to distance themselves from normative gender hierarchies. Respectable femininity, as formulated by Skeggs, is another important concept in this study. The study finds that the participants can renegotiate their identity to become less respectable or more respectable through the use of snuff.

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