En kommuns platsvarumärkesskapande kommunikation - En kvalitativ studie på Malmö stad

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Sammanfattning: Title: A municipality's place branding communication. Authors: Mattias S Jönsson – Philip Essfors – Zinar Omar. Advisor: Veronika Tarnovskaya. Course: FEKH29, Business Administration: Degree Project in Marketing Undergraduate Level, 15 hp. Research question: How does Malmo city communicate to strengthen their place brand towards existing and potential residents? Purpose: The purpose of this essay is to form a contribution to the discipline of place brand. The contribution is made when identifying how municipalities communicate, in order to strengthen the place brand towards residents. Method: This essay is based on a qualitative study on Malmo city. The research approach is of an abductive nature, since we have an inductive approach with elements of deduction. Our collection method of data is based on six semi-structured in-depth interviews with managers in the different departments/administrations in Malmo city. Theory: Furthermore, the theoretical part of the essay consists of five different theories, whereas two of them are of a main character, while the other three have a more supportive role. The two main theories are The City Brand Hexagon (Anholt, 2010) and The Corporate Branding Tool Kit (Hatch & Schultz, 2001), while the three supporting theories are The Stakeholder Model (Donaldson & Preston, 1995), Place Branding and Corporate Branding. Conclusions: The essay contributes to the discipline place brand by seeing the municipality’s communication in the light of the theories Place Branding and Corporate Branding. The overall conclusion, which is based on the framework The City Brand Hexagon (Anholt, 2010) is that Malmo city’s Place Branding communication consists for the most part of three tactical themes: events, a sustainable and young city and that Malmo city is at the beginning of it’s journey.

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