Om detta är en psykiskt funktionshindrad. : - Diskurs, makt och subjekt i psykiatrireformen 1995

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för socialt arbete, SA

Sammanfattning: This study aims to investigate the political reformation of the psychiatric care in Sweden, that took place 1995. The main purpose is to illuminate the transformation of subjectivity for mentally ill people after the reform 1995. The group of people which are present in the study are those who former were subjects of care in psychiatric hospitals, but with regarding to the reform have moved out from the institutions and instead become clients for community care. This new group of mentally ill people became, in connection with the reform, subjects for a new concept psykiskt funktionshinder. This new label and concept, that were attached to the present group, is the main concept for the investigation in the present study. The method, that was used in the study, develops a textual based analysis of the official documents, that were produced in connection with the political decision to reform the care of mentally ill people. With a theoretical conceptuality taken from Michel Foucault, with concepts such as discourse, power, and subjectivity, are the documents analysed in order to illuminate how the new subjectivity, under the concept of psykiskt funktionshinder arise. The results shows how concepts as time and space are intertwined with strategies of power, that simultaneously function as conditions of possibility for this new subjectivity to exist. The main conclusion, in the study, is that the concept psykiskt funktionshinder must be understood with regard to an analysis of power relations, and that the power, which are latent in the present discourse, is a decisive condition for both clients and social workers to become subjects.

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