Allianspolitik -en idémässig studie i svenska partiers Natosyn

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen

Sammanfattning: Even though neutrality historically has been discussed in the parliament for at least some occasions it does seem as if the actual discussion about NATO membership just after the cold war has emerged in its extent since then. To explore more about in which manners Swedish parties have discussed the issue in the parliament, in foreign policy debates to be more detailed, four Swedish parties are investigated from the IR view points liberalism and realism. The study takes it start 1992 and the last debate regarded was held in February 2017. The four parties examined are Socialdemokraterna, Moderaterna, Centerpartiet and Liberalerna. Only actual arguments about NATO membership are considered in the study, as a clear limitation. The method is based on text-interpreting by creating ideal types of liberalism and realism. Further on, the result of the study is that the view of realism is as most visible foremost in the earlier debates and later the liberalism aspects seem to more and more accelerate in its presence. From a party perspective observing the whole period it seems more common for Socialdemokraterna and Centerpartiet to use realism and more common for Moderaterna and Liberalerna to use liberalism.

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