Kan nudging främja hållbara premiepensionsplaceringar?

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från

Sammanfattning: The interest in sustainability has increased among private investors and a gradual increase in SRI is the result. However, there still seems to be a gap between people’s values and interest in sustainability and how individuals actually invest. Hence, this thesis aims to examine whether individuals tend to choose sustainable investments, specifically premium pension investments, to a larger extent when they are reminded of their values of sustainability and get the time to reflect upon them. The essay's overall question is formulated as follows: Can nudging promote sustainable premium pension investments? In order to answer the research question, data have been collected through a survey experiment, where the respondents obtained 100 000 SEK to distribute between four different premium pension funds. It can be concluded that the nudge had a significant effect on the investment decision, a result which mainly can be explained by the theory of cognitive dissonance. This implies that nudging can be used to promote sustainable premium pension investments, which is the main contribution of our studie.

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