Har enhetschefens ledarskap betydelse för medarbetarens hälsa och sjukfrånvaro?

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Mälardalens högskola/Akademin för hälsa, vård och välfärd

Författare: Christine Tedegren; [2019]

Nyckelord: ledare; interaktion; agerande; arbetsmiljö;

Sammanfattning: Title:Does the leadership of the Unit Heads affect the employee health and sick leave? Background:Previous research indicates that there are a lot of different reasons for employee sick leave. Some factors that highlight the reasons for employee sick leave are related to socioeconomic and educational differences, personal health, work environment and the impact of the leader.  Aim:The aim of the study was to see whether there are differences or similarities between Unit Heads with high and low sick leave rates in terms of action and interaction with employees.    Method:Qualitative semi-structured interviews analyzed by using latent content analysis. Results:The results show that the Unit Heads who had longer experience as leaders and higher levels of education lead a healthier staff group where the employees showed lower rates of sick leave. Leadership that promotes prosperous employees come from the Unit Heads that recognize their employees, who are there for them and who have built a well-functioning structure at work. Team building, where the Unit Head invest to form functioning groups, highlights the difficulties of sick leave and also identifies other problems that occur among the employees. The Unit Heads with low sick leave rates among employees were individuals who themselves had low sick leave rates which made them a positive example to the employees. These Unit Heads also created a positive view about the leaders’ work environment. Conclusion:The Head of Units who had leadership qualification, long experience of leadership, acted and interacted with their employees focusing on the employee were the leaders with employees with low sick leave. Keywords:leader, interacting, acting, work environment

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