Measured and managed - Energy Monitoring Systems within IKEA Industry

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Institutionen för energivetenskaper

Sammanfattning: IKEA Industry has ambitious goals for increasing energy efficiency at the production sites. Energy monitoring systems are therefore an important tool towards fulfilling those goals. The purpose of this master thesis is to get an overview and map the current situation at the production sites. Furthermore, the aim is to give recommendations and produce methods that can help organise the energy work. By using research methods such as questionnaires, personal interviews, visiting the production sites and having a supporting reference group the following results have been obtained: The questionnaire showed a large variation regarding the types of software installed at the sites and the way the energy work is structured. It also showed a need for formulation of a standard document that can help with organising the work with the energy monitoring system at the sites. Additionally, there is a desire for clarification regarding what should be included in the reports and which energy performance indicators should be the output of the energy monitoring system. Results that are presented include solutions concerning how the visualisation of the energy monitoring system should be presented, what kind of users the system should be designed for, together with how features such as alarms and reports should be organised. These solutions have been partially based on the results of four case studies. A list with specific energy performance indicators is also included in the result section of the master thesis. Last but not least, energy measuring methodology in the form of a pyramid structure was produced as a guideline for the sites when deciding on how to structure the energy measurements. In conclusion, there is a need for the production of a standardised way of working with energy monitoring systems.

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