Bygglovsfritt extrarum för en- eller tvåbostadshus

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Utbildningar i Helsingborg

Sammanfattning: The purpose of this thesis is to produce an example of a solution to the problem with varying space requirements in divorced families living one-and two-family houses in Sweden. We have focused our work on solving this with a stand-alone complementary building which contains all the critical functions a dwelling should have. To facilitate and make the investment more realistic the building should be constructed so it is permit-free in terms of building permits. We started with a research of the building regulations and the rules of permit-free complementary buildings, so-called friggebodar. After that we did a survey of the existing solutions of friggebodar, compact living and building materials. Based on the survey and our own demands we produced two different layouts. To show the huge amount of different solutions to this problem one layout was quite easy and basic and the other one was fairly complex with more advanced and modern solutions. We chose high requirements on energy performance but to maximise the floor area we had to make the walls thinner than usual without affecting the performance. To make that possible we had to choose modern and expensive materials and that resulted in 32% increased area. To make sure our constructions (walls, roof and foundation) could stand the loads from the building and snow etc. we did calculations accordingly to the Eurocode standard. When we were sure it did we used the results from the calculations to make both architectural and construction drawings. Finally we used the drawings to calculate the amount of material we need and how much the cost of it will be. The price of all the materials need to build and furnish the building is 120 950 SEK but it does not take into account the cost of actually building it or the installation cost for plumbing and electricity. Keywords: Extra room, one-and two-family houses, friggebod, complementary building, stand-alone.

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