Påskupploppen våren 2022 En kvalitativ studie om när den polisiära kontrollen brast och upplopp utbröt i samband med Rasmus Paludans manifestationer i Sverige 2022.

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Sociologi

Sammanfattning: In the spring of 2022 Sweden experienced several riots among counter-protesters in connection with a Danish politician's Islamophobic manifestations. A societal debate was sparked around control, police capabilities and the limits of freedom of expression. The purpose of the current study is to, based on Anne Nassauer's theory from 2019 of paths to protest violence, with the support of previous research, understand protest violence in a Swedish context - more specifically the riots that took place over the Easter weekend of 2022. It is thus mainly interactions between protesters and the police that are put into focus in the current essay. The material for the study consists of a total of five district court judgments, i.e. court documents. The analysis method is a document analysis where the material is coded to be understood based on the purpose of the study. From the analysis of the study the violence and its origins could be understood by combinations of interactions in the form of spatial incursion, communication failures and escalation signals. Escalation and provocation such as masking, property damage has been identified as contributing factors to the violent riots. Further, the analysis found that emotional dynamics, particularly fear and tension, played a large role in the riots.

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