Hur värderingar och kultur påverkar hanteringen av pandemin : Hade Sverige kunnat göra annorlunda?

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för statsvetenskap (ST)

Sammanfattning: The covid-19 pandemic has been present in more than a year and we still do not know what method that is right or wrong. The answer to this question will probably not be able to be answered before the pandemic is over and maybe some more years after that. The differences between the Nordic countries are immensely when it comes to the handling of the pandemic and the results gotten from the different strategies. The country that sticks out and that has gained attention from the rest of the world, with its unique strategy is Sweden. The well discussed topic has both praise and critic, even though most are sceptic over the chosen methods of handling the pandemic. Most countries have gone with drastic measures and been strict with lock downs and clear restrictions maintained over a long period of time. However, Sweden has chosen their own path, and if you look at the Swedish values, the open liberal society one might ask oneself, would it even be possible to do it any other way? In this study we will research what factors make Sweden act so different in handling the pandemic and why it is so different compared to the Nordic neighbour country’s that also share similar values and culture. WHO: s data indicates that death per 1 000 000 does not make Sweden stand out, contrary to that it is Denmark, Norway and Finland that sticks out when comparing to the rest of Europe and statistically doing well in comparison with the rest of the world.

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