Detta är en D-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Graduate Business School

Sammanfattning: Poland has been in the process of adjusting its legislation to comply with theregulatory framework for the Single European Market, ever since theapplication for membership to the European Union. This together with thetransformation to market economy has created a dynamic and relativelyunpredictable business environment for the companies active within it. Thisthesis examines the impact of a future EU membership on the Polish businessenvironment and especially on the market for medical device. Theuncertainties of the Polish business environment are put into the perspectiveof Mölnlycke Health Care, a company planning to enter the Polish market inthe near future. The scenario analysis approach enables decision makers toview a strategic decision, from the perspective of various prospects of thefuture. Hence, within this thesis, the uncertainties of the Polish market areidentified and analysed using this approach. The constructions of scenariosare used as the foundation of the analysis regarding Mölnlycke HC’s futureexpansion in the country. A number of aspects, important to consider in thecompanies’ future strategy development in Poland have been identified. Themost important aspect is that the EC law adjustments and continued lowfunding to the health care system, most likely will result in marketconsolidation.

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