Medvetenheten om klimatfrågan bland elever i gymnasieskolan och vuxenutbildningen : En empirisk pilotstudie

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på avancerad nivå från

Sammanfattning: The purpose is to study, in a pilot survey, the consciousness of climate change among pupils in secondary school and in adult education. These are the research questions: - What consciousness of climate change do the pupils have? - What are the differences in respect of climate change consciousness between men and women, pupils in adult education and in upper secondary school and pupils in pre-university programmes and in vocational programmes? ”Climate Change Consciousness” is constructed as a concept consisting of ecological, social and economic dimension as well as the components knowledge, attitudes and behaviour. A survey on the Likert-scale is conducted with 176 responses. The results indicate a varying degree of consciousness of climate change among pupils. On the ecological dimension the knowledge of the Paris agreement is low, and the pupils in general have a low degree of consciousness of the concepts of ecological footprint and life cycle analysis. However, they have a good understanding of the difference between climate and weather; they have attitudes in favour of renewable energy and they are used to sorting waste. On the social dimension the pupils think that climate change should be a priority in school, while their own community involvement in climate change issues in general is low. On the economic dimension the pupils have good knowledge of organic labels, but are more affected by price than the climate impact in their consumption behaviour. Female pupils have a higher degree of consciousness of climate change compared to male pupils; the pupils in adult education have a higher degree of consciousness compared to pupils in upper secondary school, and the pupils in pre-university programmes have a higher degree of consciousness compared to pupils in vocational programmes. Remaining is to further examine the impact of age for climate change consciousness among pupils in upper secondary school.

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