BIM i järnvägsbranschen

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/LTH Ingenjörshögskolan vid Campus Helsingborg

Sammanfattning: This thesis is about BIM (Building Information Model/Modelling) and answer from The Railroad Industries point of view the questions asked in the report. There are different perceptions in the industry about what BIM means and what it is. This thesis will try to clarify the meaning of the concept BIM. Further on the thesis examines to which extent and how BIM is used in the railroad industry where the purpose has been to follow up Trafikverkets investment on implementing BIM. To do this Trafikverkets strategies and regulations has been studied. Beyond that focus has been on processes in the building industry where the purpose has been if there is knowledge that can be applied on the railroad industry. Finally the thesis treats in short terms signalling design and BIM. To many people BIM is a new way of working but it has been around for a while. Already in the end of the 1970’s some industries started using 3D-modelling. It is important to point out that BIM is not a computer program but it is a way of working with 3D-modelling and how to handle the information in those models. The thesis is based on a literature study where most of the literature is coming from the building industry because they are ahead in the development of using BIM. Beyond the literature study interviews has been performed with people in the railroad industry that is working or has been working with BIM. The analysis discusses the questions asked in the thesis in a broad perspective based on the gathered information. The answers to the questions are found in the result.

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