INFORMATIONSÖVERFÖRING OCH KUNSKAPSÅTERVINNING : En studie i kalkylöverlämningsprocessen hos Erlandsson Bygg i Öst AB

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på grundnivå från Uppsala universitet/Byggteknik; Uppsala universitet/Byggteknik


Many enterprises have shortcomings in the transfer of information between different departments. Furthermore, routines for maintaining knowledge in order to be able to use this experience in the future are often lacking. Time and resources spent on improving these systems and procedures can provide significant benefits in terms of saved time and reduced costs in the later stages of a project. The benefit of this is not only a greater clarity and a reduced risk of misunderstandings, but also the preservation of knowledge that would otherwise be lost.

The aim of this study has been to examine the process of information transfer and the transfer of knowledge between the calculus department and production manager in projects at Erlandsson Bygg i Öst AB. An additional aim was suggestions for improvements in the calculation handover and at the end of a project, where it was possible.

The study was primarily conducted through literature studies and interviews. The ongoing literature studies were supplemented by both dialogues and observations. The interviews have been compiled into a continuous text to ensure that respondents' answers could not be linked to a specific individual. The study shows that in the current situation there are improvements to be made regarding procedures for both the handover of the calculus and the transfer of knowledge.

This work has resulted in a number of proposed measures. One such thing is an extension of the time of the handover of the calculation. Another example is the implementation of procedures for feedback to be transferred from production to the calculus department, both during and at the end of a project. Advantages and disadvantages of the various proposals have been identified and ultimately lead to a number of recommendations.

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