NÄR HJÄRTAT GÅR I TUSEN BITAR – Att uppleva Takotsubo Syndrom

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Sammanfattning: Introduction: Takotsubo syndrome, also known as Broken Heart Syndrome, is a condition that affects approximately 2% of those who are ill in acute heart disease, mainly women after menopause. The person who is affected experience symptoms like those of an acute myocardial infarction, which problematize the diagnosis. There are currently no national guidelines for treatment of the syndrome, but nursing care may include stress reduction, conversation about the syndrome, life planning and symptom relief. Aim: To describe symptom experiences in people affected by Takotsubo Syndrome. Method: An integrative literature study, where articles based on the purpose have been included. In addition, it was also required that the article was peer-reviewed and obtained more than 6 points at the quality review. An integrative content analysis has been conducted to analyze collected data. This has then been compiled as result. Result: People affected by Takotsubo Syndrome often experience chest pain and shortness of breath as their main symptoms. The affected described that they experienced existential reflections when the symptoms related began. Mainly, emotional and physical stressors initiated the syndrome. Example were prolonged stress or loss of close relatives. Feelings of anxiety linked to insufficient health care contact were also described due to lack of knowledge. Absence of competence and lack of follow-up were also described in relation to Takotsubo Syndrome. The results are presented in four main categories: disease-suffering, life-suffering, disease-triggering causes and participation in healthcare. Conclusion: The condition was triggered by emotional and physical stress. Main symptoms were chest pain, dyspnea and other symptoms were anxiety, fear, stress and feelings of being alone. Nurses play an important role in helping and reducing both symptoms and stress. This is done by increasing the participation of those affected by information and education linked to the symptom experiences and how to relieve them. In order to provide adequate treatment and care, a general knowledge lift in the healthcare about Takotsubo Syndrome is required

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