HINDER FÖR VIDAREUTNYTTJANDE AV ÖPPNA DATA Ur ett tjänsteutvecklingsperspektiv

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Institutionen för tillämpad informationsteknologi

Sammanfattning: It is said that reuse of open government data can result in positive effects like increasedtransparency and accountability in the government and additionally moreinnovative and effective public services. On the other hand, no benefit is actuallyrealized if open government data is not re-used and governments therefore need todo more than just publish data. To foster re-use of open data there is a need for insightin the users needs. However, the potential users are a heterogenous groupconsisting of persons with different backgrounds, motives, and who uses differenttypes of technology.In the light of a requirement of insight in the user needs, we choose to explore whatbarriers that are encountered while re-using open data. Due to the diversity amongpotential users the research is constrained to the barriers that are encountered byservice developers.The empirical material is based on five interviews with people from two differentcountries, where all of them has experience in service development based on opengovernment data. The main results shows, among other things, that requirements ofdata quality varies between projects, that interaction with governments has workedboth good and bad, and that opinions about which type of license that is suitablevaries.

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