Operationssjuksköterskans erfarenheter av kommunikation på operationssal

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Sammanfattning: Background: Previous research shows that incurable injuries in the perioperative environmentcan be attributed, among other things, to a lack of communication within the interprofessionalcare team. Knowledge and competence lead to effective communication which can preventcomplications arising from surgery. Because communication is crucial to patient safety in thehigh-risk environment of the operating room, it is important that the theatre nurse works personcenteredand also involve the patient in communication between team members to promotepatient safety in the operating room. However, there is not as much research as to how thetheatre nurse experiences communication in the operating room and how it affects the theatrenurse in her profession. The role of the theatre nurse includes evidence-based work and throughthis systematic literature review the authors want to compile prevailing evidence about howtheatre nurses experience communication in an environment as an operating room as this is animportant factor for patient safety.Aim: The aim of this study was to examine theatre nurses´ experience of communication in theoperating theatreMethod: A systematic literature review was conducted and the included studies were based onqualitative research.Results: The data analysis resulted in a main theme "Communication in the operating room -an important part of the theater nurse's clinical everyday life" of which three sub-themes"Factors and interprofessional relationships that promote good communication", "Factors andinterprofessional relationships that hinder good communication" and "The importance ofcommunication when meeting the patient".Conclusion: Fundamental factors such as good communication are described as respect forwork colleagues and their skills, experience of working with the operations team, workexperience and the ability to communicate constructively. This is the basis for good nursingand increased patient safety. Research shows that hierarchies within the operations teamcontribute to a lack of constructive communication, which means that the team's collaborationcannot be optimal. Organizational factors can hamper the nurse's brief meeting with the patient,which can lead to nursing suffering. A novice theatre nurse has several obstacles that are basedon short work experience.

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