Teamarbete runt kvinnan och med kvinnan

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Sammanfattning: Background: High quality of care is necessary for improving health care outcomes. To achieve quality of care, health care providers need to provide person-centerd-care. Through working in multi professional teams, having the woman at the center, enables provision of care with high quality and with less complications for mother and child. Given this, it is of importance to investigate how midwives as part of such multi professional team experience teamwork at a laborward.Purpose: The purpose of the study is to investigate midwives' experience of teamwork in a laborward.Method: Qualitative method is used. Two focus group discussions, with six midwives were conducted at a maternity ward at Sahlgrenska University Hospital. Data was analyzed with inductive content analysis.Result: The study showed that teamwork was based on communication, knowledge, reflection and professional approach. Teamwork was situationbased were external factors such as workload mattered. Teamwork was created jointly and was dependent on each members uniqe competence and knowledge, by supporting and inviting each other.Conclusion: In order to create the best possible condition for creating high quality of care, effective teamwork is essential. Effective teamwork is created when team members have a professional and supportive approach to each other. If a clear communication is used, knowledge can be shared and the teamwork improves. It is of great importance that all team members understand their own and each other's role in the team and invite each other to be an active member. Reconciliations should be done continuously through the work pass and time for reflection should be set off after each work session. Further studies on implemention of teamwork are needed and how other professional groups look at teamwork.Keywords: Teamwork, collaboration, quality of care, childbirth, midwife and person-centered care.

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