Installationsteknisk renovering av kontorsbyggnad – med fokus på energieffektivitet, inomhusklimat och komfort.

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Institutionen för bygg- och miljöteknologi

Sammanfattning: The construction industry is responsible for 33% of Sweden’s annual energy consumption. Important environmental and energy savings can be done by renovating already existing buildings with a climate smart mindset. This study was executed on behalf of Trelleborg Energi AB to investigate how their office building can become as innovative, sustainable and energy efficient as possible. The study was a collaboration with another examination paper with a focus on the building facade, while this study had a focus on installations. The buildings most energy effective and environmentally friendly measures due to installations where explored. Following with an investigation of the combination of both installations and the building facade. The following programs have been used; IDA-ICE for energy simulation, PVGIS for solar production, RenoBuild for LCA and Miljöbyggnad 3.1 as a support. The best renovating measures were to upgrade the ventilation system, air flow adjustment, changing to LED lights and adding external sun protection in combination with a solar system. The LCA said that a combination of an exchange of heating and ventilation system along with solar panels is the best environmental solution. A combination of renovating both the building’s installations and facade were even better.

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