Arkiv och IT i dialog : en undersökning av arkivariens kommunikation med IT-tekniker angående e-arkiv

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Avdelningen för ABM och digitala kulturer

Sammanfattning: The purpose of this study is to examine the communication between archivists and IT-technicians regarding digital archives. In a wider sense, the study aims to illustrate the archivists placement within the current Swedish information management spectrum. It will do so by looking at how and why archivists communicate with IT- technicians, who leads the communication and if the communication reflects modern archival theories that promote proactive archivists. In the early 2000s research showed that communication between archivists and IT- technicians was practically non-existing in Sweden – there were few common work areas and no official collaborations. In later years the situation seems to have improved slightly due to the implementation of digital archives, often referred to as e- archives in Sweden. As e-archives now increase, so does the communication between archivists and IT-technicians. However, considering the similar nature of their general work – information management – it is astounding that their correspondence is not more frequent. I hope that this study will contribute to an open and productive discussion about their communication and the archivists placement within the information management spectrum in general. This study is based on eight interviews and one observation at four different archives in Sweden. The archives chosen for the study have implemented or are currently implementing a digital archive. The interviews concern the communication between the archivists and IT-technicians and how they have experienced their mutual correspondence. The observation was added to give the study more depth and for me to experience the communication first hand. In my analysis of the gathered material I refer to the records continuum model because of its relevance to the archivists communication behaviour. A continuum- thinking encourage archivists to reach out and communicate their knowledge of information management to other professions. To further my discussion I use theories within profession research, such as Abbotts theory of jurisdictions. This to see if competition over jurisdictions (work) are part of the communication between the two occupations or not. Conclusions drawn in this study partly reflect those from previous research. There are still no official collaboration between archivists and IT-technicians. Other conclusions are more representative of the current communication between archivists and IT-technicians, such as an improved communication. The result of the analysis show that the correspondence differ depending on local conditions of management support, financial support and the interest of digital information preservation and digital archive implementation from the archivist at the archival institution.

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